New Beginnings for Elderly!

C&P, also known as Chris Park Designs, develops and manufactures technology
based products for people with vision loss and learning disabilities.


Z770 (with Public Service)

FULL HD급 선명한 화질 / 높은 공간 활용도 / 공공기관 홍보기능
i-loview Z770은 새롭게 선보인 Promotion 기능은 혁신적이며, 공공장소에서 확대기능과 홍보기능을 편리하게 이용할 수 있는 고품질의 전자 확대기입니다.
  • Full HD level image quality
  • Ensure high quality 13.3” Screen
  • Adjustable magnification up to 30x
  • Autofocus / Fixed focus
  • Various high contrast color mode
  • Reading mode, Distance mode, Self-viewing mode
  • Potable & Foldable structure